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Welcome to Gulf Aeronautical Consultancy


Gulf Aeronautical Consultancy is an aviation consulting and advisory firm offering a broad range of services for airline, cargo, airports, aircraft owners, start-up companies and aerospace industries.




Since its formation the firm has fostered a successful strategy of combining over 30 years of expertise and talent of experienced industry executives from a wide variety of disciplines. This unique combination enables GAC to provide strategic and operational advice to clients with aviation interests.


GAC services are designed to deliver value-added analysis, studies and recommendations based on three fundamental philosophies: industry expertise, strategic integration and flexibility. GAC has the resources and network to deliver the best outcome and maximize client value.


It is also expert in financial crisis management . Airline industry is a very expensive business and unless the management is focused on the best cost saving practices, it  is very easy to reach the financial crisis. With its vast experience in setting up and managing low-cost operations, Gulf Aeronautical Consultancy team is in the best position to identify areas of opportunities to minimize cost.


Primarily serving airlines, airports, operators of commercial aircraft and other organizations, GAC is well known for its valuation of aviation related assets ..... more



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