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Aircraft Acquisition

Aviation is a complex and stressful environment and without the proper guidance from highly knowledgeable and experienced aviation personnel, errors in the selection and acquisition of the proper aircraft might result in high cost and over runs.

Gulf Aeronautical Consultancy offers its customers a complete turn key operation that allows  clients to concentrate all of their resources on the business at hand.

Full services are provided in the following areas:

  • Identifying the correct aircraft for the clients needs
  • Liaison with the manufacturer or seller of the selected aircraft
  • Assistance in the finance of the selected aircraft
  • Assistance in the area of aircraft modifications (interior & exterior)
  • Negotiation and coordination of sale and pre-purchase inspection and deliveries


Airline Creation and Start-Up

Gulf Aeronautical Consultancy provides a complete range of services necessary to start up an airline engaged in either cargo or passenger transportation.

  • Services are provided under a ‘’turn-key’’ scenario or as required, including:

  • Business plan development

  • Market analysis

  • Equipment selection

  • Seating configuration

  • Civil Aviation Authorities certification

  • Preparation of manuals

  • Procedures and training

  • Financial resource development

Gulf Aeronautical Consultancy provides technical and management assistance to owners of aircraft portfolios, ensuring the ongoing and residual values of these assets by:

  • Periodic inspection

  • Technical records review

  • Lease term compliance

  • Administration of return provisions


Fleet Planning

In today's challenging airline environment any decision is important, but one of the most critical is that of trying to match the right amount of capacity for a specific market. This is as the heart of airline fleet planning, a complicated and cross-functional activity demanding broad skills and knowledge in technical and commercial areas.

Fleet planning is a vitally important aspect of any air transport operation. We determine what aircraft should be operated and in what numbers to meet the needs of the business. Typically, this involves evaluating new and existing aircraft types, comparing all the costs and checking compatibility with the existing fleet and route network.

GAC will also help you structure the fleet planning process and analyse competing and conflicting proposals.


Traffic Forecasting and Revenue Analysis

GAC traffic forecasting process begins with the collection of data on current traffic throughout the designated region, followed by the calculation of expected growth in traffic in general. This base case regional traffic projection should reflect expected economic, demographic, and air use trends, based on historic and projected relationships between these factors and regional traffic growth.

Data on expected regional traffic growth can then be entered into the region's travel demand model to simulate regional traffic flows with and without new capacity. GAC has a model that can be manipulated, through various feedback and adjustments.


Scheduling and Network Optimization Studies

The airline scheduling domain hosts a large number of optimization problems that include flight scheduling, fleet assignment, and crew management. Given the complexity of the industry there is an urgent need to better utilize assets, handle more flights in shorter periods of time, coordinate schedules, and quickly respond to irregularities, such as weather and malfunctioning equipment .

The profitability of airline operations is dependent on the generation of good flight schedules.


GAC personnel have led the Fleet Planning efforts of two of the largest carriers in the region. In addItion, GAC has advised various other carriers on the optimum composition and utilization of their fleet. The firm’s understanding of the interaction between Network Planning and fleet issues allows GAC to have an immediate impact on carrier’s economic performance. CAG specializes in the following areas of Fleet Planning:


  • Quantifying short-term benefits reassigning a carrier’s fleet.

  • Assessment of optimal fleet composition

  • Analysis of break-even replacement economics

  • Fleet purchase support

GAC’s in-depth understanding of the concepts, data and tools involved in optimizing today’s complex networks allows the firm to contribute immediately to a carrier’s restructuring efforts.

  • GAC specializes in the following areas of Network Planning:

  • Design and optimization of a carrier’s network structure

  • Assessment and support of alliance evaluation

  • Utilization of advanced tools in the design of a network


Reservations  & Distribution System Requirements

GAC provides airline clients with both standardized and customized information systems products, advice on computer systems design and acquisition, and services and techniques to monitor and control large scale software development projects. Informational air carrier products of GAC include systems for yield management, traffic forecasting, scheduling, fleet assignment, and reservations systems.

The firm has provided consulting services regarding aircraft maintenance systems, Computer Reservation Systems (CRS), airline information department surveys, and market research for airline system providers.

Effective decision making requires the right information, in the hands of the right managers, at the right time. Managers must understand which factors are critical to a decision and the sensitivity of such factors. GAC provides airlines, airports and related businesses with comprehensive products and services to assist aviation managers in improving the decision processes.
Specific Capabilities:

  • Yield management systems

  • Competitive pricing systems

  • Fleet forecasting and fleet valuation systems

  • Fuel price hedging systems

  • Customized strategic and tactical decision support systems

  • Airline and airport reports and database reports

  • Network and schedule simulation systems


Reorganization and Turn-around Management

GAC provides expert management consultation for clients. Our integrated teams lend deep industry expertise with unmatched service capabilities, tools and industry perspectives.

GAC has conducted numerous consulting engagements for airlines, financial institutions, and other aviation sectors regionally. The firm assists clients in developing strategies that create and maintain competitive advantage. The firm’s experience and first-hand aviation industry knowledge is invaluable in evaluating client strengths and weaknesses and maximizing strategic value.

  • Specific Capabilities:

  • Business & Organizational Strategy

  • Operations Research & Risk Management Consulting

  • Cost Reduction & Supply Chain Improvement

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Business Transformation and IT Outsourcing Advisory

  • Economic & Financial Consulting


Safety & Security Evaluation

GAC consults a wide variety of clients in the global aviation world on determining the safety and operational integrity of the clients operation. The scope of consulting projects performed on behalf of our client’s ranges from airline safety and operations assessments including corporate flight department assessments, fuel farm and ground services support training, airport security assessments, and technical manual development.

GAC has developed and continues to enhance an assessment methodology tool which enables a thorough and exact understanding of the specific client's operation.

Specific Capabilities:

  • Comprehensive safety and security evaluations

  • Program design

  • Professional training

  • Safety-related technical analysis

  • Security, quality and loss control

  • Legal and regulatory support

  • Aviation claims service



Airline Privatization


GAC has been at the forefront of airline and airport privatization. The firm has assisted number of airlines in restructuring, improving commercial performance, yield management, and strategic planning.

GAC advises governments, financial institutions, airport management, and private airport operators regarding critical issues in the transformation of airports from the public to the private sector. The firm has particular expertise in forecasting, financial feasibility, structuring and coordinating the privatization process, and economic regulation.

Cargo Studies & Marketing

      Cargo Studies & Marketing coming soon



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